Adjágas (Sara Marielle Gaup and Lawra Somby) are a young Sámi duo. Sara has been singing since she was a child, performing on stage since the age of 8.

The two deeply charismatic joikers work with a revolving core of musicians and producers, and their live show sheds a fresh light on native music and its tradition. Adjágas is the Sámi word for the mental state between waking and sleeping. Adjágas describe their music as “gentle, peaceful, hypnotic, quietly passionate, dreamlike, deeply spiritual and utterly engrossing – but at the same time, strangely alien. Lyrics are unrecognisable, startling vocals delivered in a style that veers between whispered but crystal clear sweetness, unbridled emotion and all points in between, sometimes hitting notes that may previously have never existed. ”Their music is based around the concept of the joik, a traditional structured but fluid musical form which attempts to capture the essence of an experience through sound. With similarities to Sigur Rós or the Cocteau Twins, Adjágas’s appeal goes beyond traditional audiences for ‘world music’, bringing music of immediate, immaculate, intimate beauty to their listeners; music which crosses all cultural boundaries.