Bára Grímsdóttir

Bára Grímsdóttir is considered one of Iceland’s greatest traditional singers. Her crystal clear voice carries the haunting and evocative melodies of one of the least known song traditions in Europe.

Bára grew up surrounded by the traditional folk songs of her parents and grandparents in the family farm in the north of Iceland. She has a special interest in the old rímur and kvæ•alög styles of song which she learned from her family, but also sings in other traditional styles, both secular and religious. Since 2001 Bára has been performing in the duo FUNI with the English folk musician Chris Foster. The combination of Bára’s pure shimmering voice, singing songs of breath-taking beauty with Chris’s exquisite guitar playing, is a spell binding mix guaranteed to make the spine tingle and warm the coldest heart. As well as her work as a singer, Bára is also widely respected as a composer, especially of vocal music. In her role as composer and arranger, Bára continues to draw from the well of traditional Icelandic music, while as a performer she invests the traditional songs that she performs with a natural authority borne from having been surrounded by them from birth.