Lena Willemark, Ale Möller, and Per Gudmundson make up the Swedish folk trio Frifot.

The three members of Frifot have been involved in albums which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies in Europe, USA, Asia and Latin America, as a group and as individuals performing at an increasing number of festivals entirely dedicated to Swedish folk music in Europe and the USA. Since forming in 1987, Frifot has been the leading group in the active traditional folk music scene. All three are deeply rooted in native traditions and passionately focused on transforming and using this knowledge to bring the genre into the present and move it forward. Their ambition is to make the music accessible to today’s audiences as well as reaching beyond the conventional audience. Part of Frifot’s renown comes from the group’s extensive touring. Apart from Scandinavia they have toured Slovakia, Poland, England, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, USA and India. Lena Willemark, singer, violinist and flautist, is deeply rooted in the folk music tradition of Älvdalen in Dalarna. This unique musical tradition is something she cultivates both as a violinist and most of all as a vocalist.