Garmarna formed in 1990 through their interest in reviving old Swedish folk form and is currently the most internationally noted group in the modern Swedish folk music scene, famous for their renditions of Scandinavian ballads.

Garmarna’s combination of conventional and early music instrumentation with cutting edge technology give them a characteristic unique and powerful sound composed of violins, viola, guitars, percussion, sampled loops, hurdy gurdy, and vocals. Garmarna’s studio work has earned the band critical praise and top selling world music records. Four out of five of Garmarna’s albums – ‘Vittrad’ (1994), ‘God’s Musicians‘ (1996), and ‘Vengeance’ (1999) have been nominated for a Swedish Grammy award, winning the prize for 1996’s ‘God’s Musicians’ as well as a Gold Record award in Sweden. Both abroad and in the United States, the band has been profiled by publications such as FolkRoots, The New York Times, Rolling Stone and Billboard.