The music of MeNaiset combines down-to-earth strength and heavenly clarity.

The strength of their ensemble singing takes the audience rapidly from one emotion to another, from heights of glory to valleys of sorrow. The MeNaiset sound can evoke deep emotions and take the listener into a mystical world of musical trance. The MeNaiset members studied and performed songs of Finnish, Ingrian, Seto and Mordvin origin in particular, without neglecting other Finno-Ugric traditions. MeNaiset do not just reproduce the music they have studied – they infuse their individual style into each performance. The songs are mostly performed in the original language, and the lyrics are traditional folk poems. Most of the Finnish lyrics used follow the Kalevala measure. Apart from singing traditional polyphonic songs the MeNaiset members also create their own arrangements. New, interesting tones and sounds are brought into their repertoire through their own compositions, which reflect the influence of not only Finno-Ugric but also other ethnic song traditions. The versatile talent of the MeNaiset members is displayed in different art productions, fusing different forms of art, particularly vocal improvisations which they perform both a capella and together with more traditional music.