Ranarim, which translates literally as ‘dew tapestry’ (‘rana’ means a woven tapestry or rug; ‘rim’ is an ancient Swedish word for ‘dew’) formed in 1997, and have since blossomed into a live band of massive stature.

For almost a decade, this Swedish folk ensemble has been astonishing audiences at festivals and folk music clubs around the world. Their energetic stage performances include both tender and powerful music and a tight sound that sweeps the audience off its feet. Even though Ranarim’s music is deeply rooted in Swedish folklore, their sound and expression are modern and ever-evolving. They create a new, original sound that preserves the heart of traditional music and at the same time infuses new life with influences from other genres, playing a mixture of traditional and original folk compositions. Ranarim were formed while Sofia Sandén, Ulrika Bodén and Niklas Roswall on the nickelharpa were at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm together, along with Jens Engelbrecht on guitar and mandola. Since then Olle Linder and Anders Jonson have joined on double bass and percussion respectively. With a sound built around the sparkling twin vocals of Sofia and Ulrika, Ranarim’s style has been described as exquisitely sophisticated in instrumentation, performed with the gusto and vibrancy that lies at the heart of folk traditions.