Suden Aika

In the music of Suden Aika the age-old traditional Finnish oral poetry recitation meets the contemporary world.

Suden Aika, a quartet of female vocalists who sing about women’s life in all its phases, cannot be labelled as a traditional folk music group, although they based their roots in the Nordic and Finno-Ugric folk music tradition. Their music is self-composed and based in ancient Finnish lyrical folk poetry, preserving the Finnish oral tradition of rune singing, and the richness and colour of old Finnish poetry. Four strong female voices, each different in its own way, create a rich tonality. Each singer has a different musical background which brings its own edge. Suden Aika is primarily a vocal group, but they also use lots of different musical instruments, such as different types of Finnish kantele, Swedish Mora-harp, long wooden flutes, mbiras and shaman- and Udu-drums. Since forming in 2003 Suden Aika have conducted several annual concert tours in Germany, and performed in Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands, Russia and Switzerland. The quartet has performed on various international folk music festivals, and released four albums.