Tone Hulbækmo

Tone Hulbækmo is one of Norway’s leading artists and musicians in her field with a broad repertory, from European Medieval and Renaissance music, via traditional and modern Norwegian folk music to contemporary songs, many of them self-composed.

She arranges her own music, and was one of the first in Norway to incorporate elements of music from other cultures into her own sound, way before the term ‘world music’ became widely used. She is known as an artist who combines old traditions and new sounds, giving her music a very personal touch and colour. Hulbækmo also composes music for the theatre and the ballet, TV and films, and has collaborated with musicians from Asia, Africa and South America. Although primarily a singer, she is also a splendid instrumentalist. Her main instrument is the Norwegian harp, long neglected, but brought back to the Norwegian music scene through Hulbækmo´s recordings. She also plays the harmonium, or pump organ, and the lyre, an instrument used in Norway in the time of the saga. On her repertory is music for children, sad love songs, cattle and sheep calls, religious songs and Norwegian ballads of great mystique and power.