Valravn, founded in 2005, take their name from a mythical creature from Danish folk traditions, a common folk motif – a human being turned into a raven.

Valravn released their long awaited second album in September 2009. With ‘Koder paar snor’, Valravn took new steps towards an even more personal music, which remains true to its Nordic roots, but which is equally a child of the present and the future. The eponymous debut album ‘Valravn’ from 2007 was nominated for three Danish Music Awards. Their blend of folk, electronica, raw energy and Nordic folk roots took audiences as well as critics by storm. Reviewers have commented on Valravn’s whole-hearted commitment to ancient forms of music along with modern influences, in which “past and present become a beautiful, wild and vivid union.” Valravn have toured extensively in Denmark and Europe, having played festivals and venues in Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland, France and Switzerland to name a few. Highlights include Roskilde Festival, Spot Festival, by:Larm and TFF Rudolstadt.